A Continuum Theory for Evolution of Soft Sediment Beds with Application to Sediment Dynamics

K-ϵ Model Computations of the Flow in Rotating Annular Flumes

Bedload Grain-Size Distributions in Degradational Armouring Experiments

Inverse Analysis of Estimating Permeability of Semipervious Confining Layer

Numerical Modelling of Steam Injection in a Vertical Sand-Filled Column

Detailed 3-D Field Experiments with a Groundwater Circulation Well for Aquifer Remediation

A Mixed-Integer Programming Model for Soil Vapor Extraction Design

Measurements of Groundwater Flow into Kettle Creek Embayment, NJ

Experiments and Numerical Simulations of Nitrate Transport in Ando Soils

Characteristics of Soil Water Flow Processes

Sand-Box Experiments of Seepage into an Auger Hole in a Confined Aquifer

Is the Cubic Law Generally Valid in Single Fractures? Numerical Investigations Concerning Flow Phenomena Using a Single-Step Model

Effects of Intrinsic Permeability, System Flux, and Initial Saturation on Wetting Front Instabilities in Three-Dimensional Infiltration Systems

Transport Analysis for Liners Underlain by Fractured Clays of the Valley of Mexico

Sediment Management at an Alpine Reservoir

3D Numerical Modelling of Sediment Deposition and Bed Changes in a Tunnel-Type Sand Trap

Slush Lahar Hazards on the Flank of Mt. Fuji - A History and Perspective on Climatic Change

The 1985 Flow Slide and Debris Flow at Stava (Italy)

Mechanical Characteristics of Debris Flow Deposits

A Flow Model of Hyperconcentrated Sand-Water Mixtures





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