Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe in a High Chloride Environment After 19 Years of Service

Construction Challenges for Soft Ground Tunneling

Jet Grouting: New Directions
This article looks at jet grouting in soft soils, especially applications involving pre-installed structural supports for cut and cover excavations. The author offers a question and answer...

Preparing for Pier A
Earthquakes, oil wells, contamination and unstable soil were among the challenges engineers faced as they prepared a site at California's port of Long Beach for the Pier A...

Improving Prediction of Frost Penetration

Ground Water Remediation/Frozen Soil Reactor Gates

Reducing Frost Heave with Capillary Barriers: Interim Results

Effect of Deforestation on the Stability of Slopes

Freeze-Thaw Effects on a 10% Sand-Bentonite Mixture

Experimentally Determined Freeze-Thaw Effects on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Image Texture Analysis and Neural Networks for Characterization of Uniform Soils

Slope Stability Strength Values for Potomac Group Clays

Foundation Evaluation for 8.5 m MSE Wall

Dynamic Loading on Foundation on Reinforced Sand

Behavior of the First Prototype and Full-Scale Models of PLPS Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Structure

A Study of Stress Distribution in Geogrid-Reinforced Sand

Vegetation Selection for Rolled Erosion Control Product

Intrusion Technology: An Innovative Approach to Evaluate Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Soils

A Jet Grout Stabilized Excavation Beneath an Existing Building

Scour Remediation by Penetration Grouting





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