Mechanisms of Sand Suspending Under Non-Breaking and Breaking Irregular Waves

Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport on Composite (Mixed Sand/Shingle) and Sand Beaches: A Comparison

Grain-Size Influence on Sand Transport Mechanisms

Fractional Threshold of Motion for Mixed Sand Beds and Implications for Sediment Transport Modeling

Cross-Shore Sand Transport and Bed Composition

Spectral Test of Energetic Approach for Suspended Sand Transport in Surf Zone

Sand Transport over a Breaker Bar in the Surf Zone

An Aerial Video System for Rapidly Measuring Sand Bar Morphology

Strange Kinematics of Sand Bars

Suspended Sediment Response to Wave Reflection

Shoreface Nourishment at Terschelling, The Netherlands: Feeder Berm or Breaker Berm?

Sand Bar Dynamics and Offshore Beach Nourishment

Modeling of Seasonal Variations by Cross-Shore Transport Using One-Line Compatible Methods

Effects of an Integrated Land Use-Transportation-Air Quality Model on Air Quality Conformity Analysis

D-CORMIX: A Decision Support System for Hydrodynamic Mixing Zone Analysis of Continuous Dredge Disposal Sediment Plumes

Temporary Erosion Control for Highway Construction in Kansas

Erosion-Controlled Radioactive Transport in Agricultural Watersheds

Land Application of Biosolids: Comparison Among Stabilization Methods

Bacteria Movement in Soil Matrix, Macropores, and Partially Blocked Macropores

Pathogen Risk Assessment of Land Applied Wastewater and Biosolids: A Fuzzy Set Approach





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