Section One—Embankment Design and Construction in Cold Regions: An Overview

Section Two — Embankment Stabilization Techniques

Section Seven—Case Histories in Seasonal Frost Areas

Embankment Design and Construction in Cold Regions
This book is a state-of-the-practice report on embankment design and construction in cold regions involving either permafrost or seasonal frost areas. The similarities and differences...

The Northwest Watershed Research Center, 1959-86
Hydrologic research has been conducted on the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed by the Agricultural Research Service for nearly 27 years. Some noteworthy instrumentation, developed...

Special Pile Foundations for a Coastal Permafrost Site
The design of the plant's foundations had to address several challenging geotechnical conditions. These included (1) 'warm' (close to 32 degree F)...

Pipeline Frost Heave Predictions Using a 2-D Thermal Model
Chilled structures founded on initially unfrozen soils cause a zone or 'bulb' of frost to develop with time. This time period may be of seasonal duration, as...

Influence of Frost Action on the Load Exerted on Buried Pipe
When work was started on revising the Swedish code for concrete pipes at the end of the 70's, a research project was carried out to evaluate the risk of increased load due...

Guideway and Conductor Rail Heating for a Winter Environment
The power and signal conducting rails are maintained using self-limiting heat trace cable in combination with an inherently protected rail. The cable's high inrush power along...

A Continuum Approach to Modelling of Frost Heaving

Frost Heave of Full-Depth Asphalt Concrete Pavements

Foundations in Permafrost and Seasonal Frost
The papers in this volume cover the following subject areas: A method that utilizes a decision matrix diagram for selecting the most suitable and economical foundations for construction...

Designing for Frost Heave Conditions

Survey Methods for Classifying Frost Susceptibility

Frost Action and Its Control
This state-of-the-art review addresses, in four separate papers, frost heave processes and their control. A review of the fundamental principles of soil freezing and thawing is presented...

Frost Inducing Slides on Membrane-Lined Canal Slopes
Freezing beneath a polyvinyl chloride membrane lining caused water in the subgrade soil voids to migrate upward and to form thin ice lenses under the lining. During a spell of warm weather,...

Cranberry Frost Protection Using Sprinklers

Chilled Gas Pipeline—Frost Heave Design

Frost Depth Prediction for Highway Subgrade Soils

A Survey of Preventing Cold Region Engineering Constructions from Frost Damages in China





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