Stress and Temperature Effects on Silt Frost Heave

Full-Scale Test Studies on Prevention of Frost Damage for Retaining Wall Reinforced with Geotextile

Effects of Frost Action on Compacted Clay Barriers

Thermal Performance of Trench Backfills for Buried Water Mains

Protecting Pavements From Frost

Racine's Water Street Retaining Wall

A Frost Protection Design for Fruit Trees in Southwest Colorado
The project explores the feasibility of producing commercial quantities of fruit in the high and arid environment of Southwestern Colorado by using low-volume water delivery systems for...

Coal Mine Waste Formation and Changes of Microstructure Under Artificial Salting

Instrumentation for Vehicle Mobility Testing in the Frost Effects Research Facility

Numerical Analysis of Frost Shields
The term 'frost sheilding' has been used to describe the practice of using flat stock rigid insulation materials burial above a water or sewer pipe to reduce...

Soil-Pipe Interaction During Frost Heaving Around a Buried Chilled Pipeline
The freezing of soil water around a buried chilled pipeline leads to soil heaving, which is affected by the presence of the pipe. This process may eventually cause pipeline failure. The...

Sprinkler System Design for Frost Protection
Both undertree and overtree systems for frost protection by sprinkling are currently being used. The criteria based on experimental results and theoretical modeling have been reviewed...

Fire Hydrant Winter Maintenance Program for Anchorage

Design and Installation of a Pile Foundation in a Remote Area of Alaska

Deep Frost Effects on a Longitudinal Edge Drain

Comparison of Insulated and Noninsulated Pavements

Preliminary Results of Frost Heave Tests in a Large Cell

Preliminary Results From Simulation of Retaining Wall Displacement by Frost Action

Microsilica (Silica Fume) Concrete Durability in Severe Environments
Microsilica (silica fume) concrete has provided increased durability in a variety of aggressive environments. Technical information is presented for microsilica concretes exposed to fire,...

Performance of Pavement at Central Wisconsin Airport





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