The California Marine Mammal Research Program of the Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate Experiment: Potential Effects of Low Frequency Sound on Distribution and Behavior of Marine Mammals

Regionalization of Annual Precipitation Maxima in Montana

Frequency Analyses for Recent Regional Floods in the United States

Incorporation of Time-Intensity and Spatial Variability Into Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) Estimates

Influence of Diaphragms on Live Load Distribution in Straight Multiple Steel Box Girder Bridges

Shake Table for Dynamic Testing of Guyed Towers

Natural Frequencies of Guyed Communication Towers

Geotechnical Factors Influencing the Spatial Variability in Ground Motions for Bridges

Optical Analysis of Methods to Influence the Stress Distribution in Hoppers

Theoretical Investigation of Moment Redistribution in Composite Continuous Beams of Different Classes

A New Design Method for Continuous Composite Beams Allowing for Rotation Capacity

Plastic Hinge Theory for Composite Floors and Frames

Why Not Make the Turbines Cavitation Free?

A Reliability-Based Deterioration Model for Bridge Maintenance Planning

Fractal Analysis for Evaluating Pavement Performance

Condition Assessment of Structures Damaged from Drought/Rain Cycles

Risk-Based Design of Roadway Crossing Structures Considering Intangible Factors

Lateral Velocity Variations in a Compound Channel - A Practical Approach

Non-Fickian Random Walk Diffusion Models

Turbulence in Non-Uniform Open-Channel Flows





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