Railway Bridge Loads Under Current Operating Conditions

Formal Specification of Concurrent Finite Element Systems

Parallel Performance of a Meshless Method for Wind Engineering Simulations

An Implementation of Finite Element Method on Distributed Workstations

Dynamic Behaviour of Masonry Church Bell Towers

Nonlinear Behavior of RC Cooling Towers and Its Effects on Strains, Stresses, Reinforcement and Cracks

Dynamic Fatigue of High-Rise Natural Draught Cooling Towers

Storm Surge Frequency Computations for Long Island, NY: A Comparison of Methodologies

On Communicating Hydrologic Risk

Reliability Analysis in Support of Risk Assessment for Non-Routine Closure/Shutdown of Hydroelectric Generating Stations

Flood Quantiles for Small Watersheds Using Peak Elevation to Volume Method

Evaluation of Sampling Properties of General Extreme Value (GEV) Distribution-L-Moments Vs Conventional Moments
The sample estimates of conventional moments are shown to be biased and this bias increases for small samples, and especially so when the skewness is high (Wallis et al., 1974). The recently...

Dam Foundation Erosion Study: The Design of a Sidewall Orifice for Simulation of a Free Trajectory Overtopping Jet
This paper describes the design of a sidewall discharging orifice for simulation of a free trajectory overtopping jet. A sidewall orifice discharges through the sidewall of a pipe. The...

Automatic Control of Flocculation Processes
A control system for flocculation, used in water and wastewater treatment operations is being developed. The approach is based on detailed particle size distribution measurements of influent...

Flow through Vertical Barrier Screens—Numerical Model
A simple one-dimensional numerical model based on the energy equation is developed to predict the normal flow distribution through barrier screens composed of several vertical segments...

Periodic Variation in Karst Stream Losses
A cave taking water from an ephemeral stream periodically reroutes surface and subsurface drainage because of a plug that forms 10 m below the main entrance to the cave. The plug of sand,...

Infiltration Properties at Two Sites in the Konza Prairie
The spatial variability of soil hydraulic properties that govern infiltration were investigated at a pristine site and an agricultural site in the Konza Prairie Research Area of east-central...

On Conductivity of Soils with Preferential Flow Paths
Laboratory soil column experiments were conducted to study the distribution of preferential flow paths resulting from removal of colloidal size clay particles. These experiments specifically...

Stormwater Management Plan Updated for Climate System Changes
When large watershed stormwater management plans are updated, climate system change factors due to global warming effects should be considered. Climate system changes may cause changes...

Development of the San Joaquin County Hydrology Manual
A hydrology manual was prepared for the County of San Joaquin, California for the determination of storm runoff quantities for the design of flood management facilities, floodplain analysis,...





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