Road LOS Standards and Land Use Density: Making the Connection

San Francisco's Mission Bay Area Project: Balancing Land Development and Transportation

Modeling the Impact of Land-Use/Transportation Systems on the Regional Environment

Access Management and Land Use Planning: A Proposed Process

Livability-Based MOEs for LRT Alignment Selection

Effect of Access Management on the Design of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

The Transportation Management District: A Tool to Engage Private Sector Support in Meeting Energy, Environmental, and Transportation Goals

Effects of an Integrated Land Use-Transportation-Air Quality Model on Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Portland Regional Transportation Plan: Level of Service Analysis

The Spatial Reconfiguration of the Portland Metropolitan Area: A Baseline Measurement and Preliminary Assessment

Quantification and Analysis of Transportation System Accessibility

Emissions Impacts of Utilizing Vehicle Class Distributions by Mode for TDM Analysis

Land Use Impacts of Transportation

Transportation, Land Use, and Air Quality Modeling

Quantifying the Emissions Benefits of Transportation Efficiency and SOV Travel Reduction Programs

Clean Air Act Implications for the Analysis of Transportation Land Use Strategies

Oregon's Growth Management: What's Working, What Isn't, So What?

Using Transportation Conformity as a Land Use Planning Tool

The Relationship Between Air Quality and Transportation

TCM Effectiveness: Corridor Management Practices





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