Thermal Impact of a Buried Chilled Gas Pipeline

Upheaval Buckling of a Pipeline in an Arctic Environment

Performance of a Triodetic Foundation Near Fairbanks, Alaska

Permafrost Formation and Aggradation in a 23-m High Homogeneous Dyke: A Case-Study

Predicting the Level of Frost Penetration into Landfill Covers

Incorporation and Rejection of Alum Sludge Flocs by an Advancing Freezing Front

Using Spaceborne Imaging Radar to Identify Lake Water Resources on the Alaskan North Slope

An Open Graded Base to Reduce Thaw Weakening in Flexible Pavements

Environmental-Induced Longitudinal Cracking in Cold Regions Pavements

Seepage Stoppers
After 65 years of continuous operation without any major rehabilitation, the Detroit-Windsor tunnel had sprung a few leaks. Engineers used elasticized grout to stop the seepage, a material...

Frequency Distributions and Bayesian Techniques for Estimating Performance in Composite Materials

Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concretes With and Without Class C Fly Ash

No-Fines Concrete Pavements

Design and Construction of Refrigerated Facilities

Ice Loads

Structural Safety Evaluation of Gerber Arch Dam

Environment-Friendly Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluid
NASA Ames has formulated a unique candidate non-glycol based freezing point depressant (FPD) fluid material that performs essentially the same or superior to currently used glycol based...

Recent Developments in Physical Testing of Aggregates to Ensure Durable Concrete

The Inflation Equation
The authors, a Brazilian and an American involved in a US$1 billion-plus project to build schools in the state of Rio de Janeiro, discuss how they managed despite monthly inflation of...

Dynamic Properties of Gravel Layers Investigated by In-Situ Freezing Sampling





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