Thaw Settlement as a Result of Permafrost Deterioration
An overview is given of floor and footing failure as a result of deterioration of permafrost. Consideration of causes for the deterioration and methods of repair are addressed in general...

Active Freezing Techniques

Freezing and Thawing of Soil-Water Systems
This book presents a state-of-the-practice review on freezing and thawing of soil-water systems through ten interrelated papers on this subject. The papers review the following topics:...

Consolidation of Permafrost upon Thawing
Methods of predicting initial consolidation upon thawing and the subsequent consolidation with time under increasing pressures are presented in terms of changes in unit weight. Procedures...

Controlling River Ice to Alleviate Ice Jam Flooding
Many communities affected by ice jam flooding have accepted the event as unpreventable. Others have approached their problem as one of open channel flow and implemented standard projects...

Hydraulics of Freeze-up
A classification scheme for freeze-up of a river is proposed based upon the response of indicated stage. A conceptual model is developed to describe the course of the indicated responses....

Microcracking of Concrete Submitted to Premature Freezing

Effects of an Ice Cover—A Conceptual Model

Analysis of the Variation of River Stage in the Freezing Season for Some Cases on the Yellow River

A Laboratory Study of River and Ground Icings

Slurry Pipeline Operations in Cold Regions—Some Aspects

Undisturbed Sampling of Saturated Sands by Freezing
From considerations of the basic mechanisms of soil behavior during freezing, it is suggested that undisturbed samples can only be obtained by undirectional freezing with no impedance...

Considerations in the Prevention of Damage to Concrete Frozen at Early Ages

Foundation Grouting of the LG-2 Main Dam La Grande Complex, Quebec

Cyclic Strengths Compared for Two Sampling Techniques
Two distinctly different field sampling and laboratory preparation procedures, used to obtain similar sand samples for cyclic testing, are documented. A comparison of the cyclic strengths...

PVC Water Pipe and Cold Weather

Evaluation of Alternative Water Bleeder Controls

Ground Temperature Studies at an Arctic Drained Lake Site

Present Conditions (1980) of the Taps Gravel Workpad

Chilled Gas Pipeline—Frost Heave Design





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