To Filter or Not To Filter: Boston's Two Track Approach to Compliance With the SDWA

Economic Analysis of Optimal Water Policy

Optimization of the Surfactant Enhanced Pump-and-Treat Remediation Systems

Conjunctive Use Planning in the Tanshui River Basin, Taiwan

Optimization of Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater in a Coastal Zone

Imperial County Groundwater Evaluation: Model Applications

Imperial County Groundwater Evaluation: Model Development and Calibration

A Regional Model of Potential Evaporation for the Northeast United States

On Characterization of Self-Affine Fractal Profiles

Unsteady RANS Simulation of Viscous Nonlinear Free Surface Flows

Analysis of Acoustic Surface Waveguides for Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Structures

Oscillation of Two Neighboring Bubbles Beneath an Indented Free Surface

Surface Wave Testing Inversion by Neural Networks

Ground Water Storage in Southern California

Feasibility of Recharge by Surface Spreading

Artificial Recharge of Ground Water in the Maaskant Area

Seasonal Storage of Reclaimed Water and Surface Water in Brackish Aquifers Using Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) Wells

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Allows for Cost Effective Development of a Regional Public Water Supply System in a Water Short Area

Behavior of Phosphate in Eutrophic Surface Water Upon Artificial Recharge in the Western Netherlands

Management of a Small Ground Water Reservoir by Recharge of Water from a Surface Reservoir





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