The Painful Realities and Lovely Results of Using Recycled Timbers

Design Considerations for Timber Frame Connections

Earthquake Response Analysis of Steel Building Frames Considering Brittle Fractures at Member-Ends

Framing a Work of Art
One of the most visually unique building designs of the twentieth century, the Guggenheim Museum project in Bilbao, Spain, required an innovative structural engineering solution and pioneering...

Wood Structures Tour

Natural Hazard Mitigation

Protection of the Building Envelope in Maintaining Structural Integrity

Public Policy and Building Safety

A Program for the Reduction of Seismic Hazards Posed by Welded Steel Moment Frame Structures

An Assessment of Wind Damage to Wood-Frame Houses

Analytical Modeling of Composite Reinforced Concrete-Steel Systems

Methods for Reinforced Concrete Frame Optimization

Design of Framed Structures Using a Genetic Algorithm

Compact Procedure of Linear Programming for Plastic Analysis of Frame Structures

Fully-Stressed Design of Framed Structures with Discrete Variables and Application of Genetic Algorithms

Inadequate Temporary Bracing Causes Many Steel Structure Collapses During Erection

MNH-SMRF Connection System: Solving Pre-Northridge Steel Frame Dilemmas Using Simple and Reliable Post-Northridge Innovation

Damping Characteristics of a Steel Lattice Structure

Evaluation of the Benefit of Strengthening Existing Beam - Column Welds

Testing of Retrofitted Steel Moment Connections





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