Plastic-Hinge Analysis for Frames by Virtual Distortions

Nonlinearities in the Analysis of Frames

Pseudodynamic Analysis of Semi-Rigid Composite Structures with Softening Behavior

Effective Length Factor for Columns in Braced and Flexibly Jointed Frames

SFEM-Based Evaluation of Strength and Serviceability Requirements

Stability of Multistory Building Frames with Soil Interaction

Finite Rotation Effects in 3-D Frame Analysis

Control Concepts for Integrated Product and Process Models

Experimental Studies on High Performance Prestressed Concrete Bridge Frames

Updated Data Base: Study on End-Plate Connection's Rigidity

Seismic Retrofit of Non-Ductile R/C Frame Structures

Refined Plasticity Models for Steel Frame Analysis

PR Connected Frames in Seismic Zones

Seismic Performance of Older Steel Frames with PR Connections

Generalized Object Control and Assembly for Space Robots
This paper presents a Generalized Object Control framework which subsumes Unified Motion/Force Control and Object Impedance Control. Under this framework new forms of assembly primitives...

Drivetrain Design, Incorporating Redundancy, for an Autonomous Walking Robot
An often overlooked, though critical, component of a mobile robot is the drivetrain. To achieve the ambitious programmatic goals of an extra-terrestrial, planetary robotic explorer, a...

The Kinematic Design of a Robotic Large Space Structure Construction Service
Researchers at the University of Maryland's Robotics Research Lab are applying a kinematic rapid proto-typing methodology to the development of a commercial robotics service for the construction...

Design Techniques for Rectangular Lunar Modules
This paper discusses relevant issues concerning the design and performance of cubical lunar modules. Previously, these modules have shown to be a possible solution for living and working...

Analysis of Inflating Habitable Space Structures with neomass (near-Earth-object mass)
The discovery of near Earth objects (NEOs), during August 1992, and that one of them is a dormant comet, dramatically changed the potential availability of near-Earth resources. NEOs provide...

Erectable Truss Hardware for Large Space Structures
The KATLOK connector is a truss structure connector that was designed to be compatible with manual assembly by an astronaut in an extra-vehicular activity (EVA) suit, telerobotic assembly...





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