Current Research Directions and Findings on Steel Moment Resisting Frames, An Update

Construction Collapse of Precast Concrete Framing at Pittsburgh's Midfield Terminal

Slim Floor Steel-Concrete Composite Systems

Numerical Modelling of Composite Connections and Composite Frames

Slim Floors - System Behaviour and Fire Resistance of Hollow Core Slabs on Flexible Beams

Advances in Structural Optimization
A compilation of twenty papers, Advances in Structural Optimization features recent contributions from the United States, Japan, Canada, and...

Modeling Moment-Rotation Characteristics for Composite End Plate Connections

Protection of the Building Envelope in Maintaining Structural Integrity

An Assessment of Wind Damage to Wood-Frame Houses

Damping Characteristics of a Steel Lattice Structure

Design of Framed Structures Using a Genetic Algorithm

Methods for Reinforced Concrete Frame Optimization

Evaluation of the Benefit of Strengthening Existing Beam - Column Welds

Translucent Structural Beacon
In East Los Angeles some 2,000 children, teens and adults are accessing their future inside a building that is as high-tech as the computers they are using to learn. The 40,000 sq ft building...

Minimizing Floor Vibrations from Occupant Activities

Dynamic Stiffness Analysis of Lattice Structure

The Kobe Earthquake: Performance of Engineered Buildings

Shear-wall Retrofit
With the effects of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake still lingering and another quake looming sometime in the future, engineers faced with retrofitting the Pacific Gas & Electric...

Seismic Solutions for Steel Frame Buildings
After the Northridge Earthquake, damage in steel moment resisting frame connections stunned engineers. Now those engineers are scrambling to find and test new kinds of connections. This...

Spotlight on Steel Moment Frames
Engineers' confidence in moment connections was shattered when damage was discovered after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Such connections are now a hot subject for U.S....





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