Optimal Rehabilitation of Locally Damaged Structures Using the Pseudo Distortion Method

Steel Moment Frames with Welded Connections

Implications of Measured Near-Field Ground Motion on Structural Response

Seismic Solutions for Steel Frame Buildings
After the Northridge Earthquake, damage in steel moment resisting frame connections stunned engineers. Now those engineers are scrambling to find and test new kinds of connections. This...

Spotlight on Steel Moment Frames
Engineers' confidence in moment connections was shattered when damage was discovered after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Such connections are now a hot subject for U.S....

Practical Advanced Analysis for Steel Frame Design

Nonlinear Analysis and Design Issues for PR Frames

Application of Structural Optimization to Practical Tall Steel Building Design

Ground Motion Estimation and Nonlinear Seismic Analysis

Lateral Strength of Brick Cladded Frames

Three Repair/Retrofit Procedures for Welded Moment Frames

Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Masonry-Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames

'Super-Element' to Represent the Behavior of Architectural Stud Partition Walls

Dynamics of Highly Deformable Sandwich Frame Structures

A Method for Structural Reliability Analysis of Marine Structures Using Combined Plate and Frame Structure Models

Probabilistic Modeling of Roof Sheathing Uplift Capacity

Experiments with Elasto-Plastic Oscillator

Column Design in Fire Exposed Steel Frames

Earthquake Destructiveness Potential Factor and Permanent Displacements of Gravity Retaining Walls

A Space Systems Testbed for Situated Agent Observability and Interaction





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