Analyzing of Fractal Dispersivity by Wavelets

Non-Fickian Subsurface Transport Using Fractals

Fractal Analysis for Evaluating Pavement Performance

Non-Fickian Random Walk Diffusion Models

Evaluating the Variability of Engineering Properties of Soil Deposits Using Fractals

Fractal Dimension of Granular Materials and Their Engineering Properties

Density-dependent Circulation in Desert-basin Aquifers with Isotropic Self-Similar Permeability Distributions
Closed-basin aquifers, typical of mountain chains in the western United States, present a central ephemeral lake (called `playa') where evaporation increases the local brine density creating...

Single Fracture Aperture Patterns: Characterization by Slit-Island Fractal Analysis

Numerical Estimation of Macrodispersivities in Heterogeneous Self-similar Aquifers
Numerical simulations of contaminant transport in a stratified aquifer characterized by a self-similar distribution of hydraulic conductivity were performed. Macrodispersivities were calculated...

Fractal Dimension of Aggregated Sediments
Cohesive sediment dynamics in estuarine systems are strongly affected by particle aggregation and flocculation. These processes are mainly controlled by the Brownian motion, flow turbulence...

Fracture Surface Characterization of Concrete
The objective of this paper is to characterize fracture surfaces of concrete, with varying maximum aggregate sizes dmax, by utilizing the concept...

Use of Fractal Geometry Concepts in the Simulation of Ground Water Flow and Transport Processes

Fractal Characteristics of Fracture Roughness and Aperture Data
In this study mathematical expressions are developed for the characteristics of apertures between rough surfaces. It shown that the correlation between the opposite surfaces influences...

Fractal Crushing
This paper develops an approach to a two-dimensional fragmentation process, in which floating ice floes are driven against each other and break up into smaller floes. It first considers...

Study of Fractal Aperture Distribution and Flow in Fractures
This study examines the roughness profiles and aperture distributions of fractures and faults by using concepts from fractal geometry. Simple models of flow of fluid in rough fractures...

Fractal Dimension of Cracks Found in Drying Sludge

Chaos, Fractals and Sensitivity Analysis

Shape Discrimination of Sand Samples Using the Fractal Dimension





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