Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures
Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures provides requirements for general structural design and includes means for determining...

U.S. Implementation of LRFD for Earth Retaining Structures

What's Shaking in Seismic Design of Earth Retaining Structures?

The Importance of Filters in Bridge Scour Countermeasure Design

Erratum for U.S. Implementation of LRFD for Earth Retaining Structures

Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
Fully revised and updated, this three-volume set from the Water Environment Federation and the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers presents...

Designing for Potential Mine Subsidence at a Disposal Facility in Appalachia

The Evolution of Geotechnical Inputs in Highway Pavement Design

Application of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Pavement Subgrade Design

Mechanistic-Based Field Evaluation of Pavement Foundation

Transportation in a Climate-Constrained World by Andreas Schafer, John B. Hewood, Henry D. Jacoby, and Ian A. Waitz. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2009

Performance-Based Design Method (PBDM)
This chapter discusses the performance-based design method (PBDM). Topics include performance objectives; recommended analysis methods; modeling guidance; preliminary proportioning; acceptance...

Static Cone to Compute Static Settlement over Sand
(Originally published in J. Soil Mechanics and Foundations Div, 1970,. 96(3), 1011-1043.)...

Dewatering Case History in Florida
(Originally published in Journal of the Construction Division, 1974, 100(3), 377-393.)...

Project Experience in Assessment and Reuse of Old Foundations

Book Review: BIM Handbook: A Guide to Building Information Modeling for Owners, Managers, Designers, Engineers, and Contractors by Chuck Eastman, Paul Teicholz, Rafael Sacks, and Kathleen Liston. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2008.

Book Review: Design on the Edge: The Making of a High-Performance Building by David W. Orr. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2008.

Effects of Impervious Area Estimation Methods on Simulated Peak Discharges
The variability of simulated flood discharges is evaluated using two methods for estimating impervious surfaces and common design methods in the Mission Creek watershed (31 sq km) located...

Innovative Methods Used in the Design and Construction of the New Tacoma Narrows Bridge
On September 25, 2002, Notice-to-Proceed for a Design/Build Agreement was issued by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), directing Tacoma Narrows Constructors (TNC)...

The Role of Aesthetics in Bridge Design
The role of aesthetics in current bridge design practice varies widely. Many bridgeprojects in the United States are developed without including aesthetics as one of theproject goals....





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