Foundations for the World Financial Center in New York City

Foundation Loading: Introduction
This chapter introduces the subject of foundation loading....

Foundation Loading
This chapter discusses the tabulation of foundation loading data in Microsoft Excel....

Foundation Design
This chapter discusses the tabulation of foundation design data in Microsoft Excel....

Pile Foundation
This chapter discusses the tabulation of pile foundation data in Microsoft Excel....

LRFD Compared to Working Strength Loads
This chapter contains examples used to demonstrate the design of footings to resist seismic loads....

Applications of Wave-Equation Analysis to Offshore Pile Foundations

Correlations for Design of Laterally Loaded Piles in Soft Clay

Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles in Sand

Structural Safety and Its Quality Assurance
Sponsored by Committee 9A/10 of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. This report uses an...

Construction Speed and Existing Utilities

Geotechnical Highway Features...Accelerating Their Construction and Monitoring

Performance Monitoring for Accelerated Construction

The New Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge Introductory Project Information
On September 25, 2002, Notice-to-Proceed for a design-build agreement was issued by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), directing Tacoma Narrows Constructors (TNC),...

New Shear Stud Provisions for Composite Beam Design
The 2005 American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC 2005) will contain significant changes to the shear connector provisions for...

Side Resistance in Piles and Drilled Shafts (The Thirty-Fourth Karl Terzaghi Lecture)

Innovative Load Testing of Deep Foundations

Flexural Behavior of Drilled Shafts with Minor Flaws

Construction Practices and Defects in Drilled Shafts

Piled Rafts in Geotechnical Practice - An International Perspective





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