Maximum Weighted Log-Likelihood Estimation for Parameterization Selection Uncertainty
Hydraulic conductivity identification remains a challenging inverse problem in groundwater modeling because of inherent non-uniqueness and lack of flexibility in parameterization methods....

Enhancing the Solution of Large Monitoring Network Design Problems Using a New Epsilon-Dominance Hierarchical Bayesian Optimization Algorithm
Designing long-term monitoring (LTM) networks for contaminated groundwater is a challenging problem that has long been recognized to suffer from the curse of dimensionality. LTM design...

Irrigation Hydrology: Crossing Scales
Hydrology is the science concerned with distribution, circulation, and properties of water of the earth and its atmosphere, across the full range of time and space scales. Subject matter...

Impact of Scaling Rule on Simulating the Transport of DNAPLs
Due to the pollutants from lots of industry sewage and organic solvents, they arelow solubility in water and hard to decompose in nature, didn.t treated adequately, itwill cause the ground...

Local Scaling of Bridge Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

Durability Scaling of High Performance Concrete (HPC) Structures Using the Probabilistic Crack Approach

Scaling the Monument
One of the three phases in the restoration of the Washington Monument was the design and construction of an aluminum scaffolding system with both functional and aesthetic purposes. The...

Rip Scaling in Low- to High-Energy Wave Environments

Scaling Winter Storm Impacts on Assateague Island, Maryland, Virginia

Evaluations of Membrane Fouling Potential in Water Treatment Applications

Fouling of Nanofiltration Membranes due to Calcium Sulfate Precipitation in Treatment of Agricultural Drainage Water

Scaling Issues in Artificial Neural Network Modeling and Forecasting of Algal Bloom Dynamics

Statistical Analysis and Application of the Magnitude Scaling Factor in Liquefaction Analysis

Zebra Mussel Fouling of Water Intakes at Power Plants

Nontoxic Foul-Release Coatings for Zebra Mussel Control

Introduction and Spread of the Zebra Mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, in the Central United States

Reliability and Efficiency Benefits of Online Trash Rack Monitoring

Comparison of Water Backwash and Brush Cleaning Systems for Vertical Panel Fish Screens

Local Scaling of Bridge Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

Influence of Distinct Processes on the Quality of Water in Distribution Systems





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