Forest Site Preparation and Water Quality in Texas

A Site-Specific Design of Chlorination Facilities
Design parameters for chlorination facilities have been defined. The present in-use standards for these parameters have been presented in tabular form. Several contradictions intrinsic...

Retracement Surveys in Pacific Northwest Coast Range
Search and perpetuation of U.S. Public Land Survey section corners makes contracting for section subdivision surveys less costly. The U.S. Forest Service needs to identify 1,500 miles...

Non-Point Pollution and the Water Quality of Running Waters in Vermont; Consequences and Remedial Action

Relationships Between Surface Water Nutrient Levels and Proximity of Agricultural and Forest Land to Receiving Waters

Whither Satellite Remote Sensing—II—
For about six years, NASA SERTS (now called Landsat) satellites have been circling the globe, radioing back digital information on what they see on earth. After being massaged by computer,...

Mount St. Helens Eruption—Impact and Civil Engineering Response
The May 18 eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington state, estimated to have the energy equivalent of a 20 to 50 megaton atom bomb, did tremendous damage. It destroyed an estimated 160...

Effects of Logging Roads on Storm Hydrographs

Hydrologic Effects of a Severe Forest Fire

Turbidity and Suspended Sediment Relationships

South Fork Trinity River Watershed Study

Snowmelt Sediment from Sierra Nevada Headwaters

Hydrologic Simulation of the Effects of Forest Removal

Evaluating Hydrologic Responses to Forest Activities

A Temperature Model for Small Mountain Streams

Cost Effective Water Quality Monitoring

Timber Harvest and Water Yields in the Ozarks

Evaluating Silvicultural Impacts on Water Resources

Best Management Practices for Forestry Activities

Effect of Forestry Practices in Florida Watersheds





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