Advances in Analytical Modeling of Torsional Members
The basic formula for calculating the torsional strength of reinforced concrete members was developed by Rausch (1929) using the space truss concept. Unfortunately, Rausch's equation may...

Technology: Superpave: Good System with Room for Improvement

Technology: FRP Insulation Helps Columns Resist Fire

Materials: Pennsylvania Puts HPC to the Test

Technology: Synthetic Material Absorbs Mercury in Wastewater

People: Students' Small Plastic Bridge is Big Success Story

Forensic Engineering: Weakened Concrete May Have Caused Paris Airport Collapse

Materials: Polystyrene Panels to shelter Families in Afghanistan

Evaluation of Anchor Wall Systems' Landmark Reinforced Soil Wall System
With T.C. Mirafi's Miragrid & Miratex Geogrid Reinforcement —Final Report
This report describes a HITEC evaluation designed to determine the basic capability and limitations of the Landmark/Mirafi System for use as a technically viable precast MSE retaining...

Wastewater: Los Angeles Agrees to $2-billion Sewage Spill Settlement

Infrastructure Security: Polyurethane Coatings Help Masonry Resist Blasts

Materials: Bamboo House Passes Seismic Test

Use of Coal Combustion By-Products as Low-Permeability Liners for Manure Storage Facilities
This chapter presents an overview of the use of compacted flue gas desulfurization (FGD) material as a low-permeability liner. It discusses the engineering characteristics of FGD materials...

Development of Transportation Engineering Research, Education, and Practice in a Changing Civil Engineering World
Transportation has been one of the essential areas within civil engineering since its early days. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of ASCE, this paper presents a review of developments...

Cementitious Materials—Nine Millennia and A New Century: Past, Present, and Future
Cementitious materials have been used in construction for several millennia and through several civilizations. Their use has been revitalized in the recent century, and they have become...

Wood and Wood-Based Materials: Current Status and Future of a Structural Material
Wood is one of the earliest construction materials, and the structural use of wood and wood-based materials continues to steadily increase. In fact, new wood-based materials continue to...

Use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites as Reinforcing Material for Concrete
Although the potential of continuous fiber reinforced polymers (FRPs) was recognized more than 50 years ago, bottlenecks such as vulnerability to static fatigue, ultraviolet radiation,...

History of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture Design in the United States
Asphalt has been used as a construction material from the earliest days of civilization, but though it has long been used as a waterproofing material in shipbuilding and hydraulics, its...

Materials: Structural Glass Moves Indoors

The Role of Pavement Mechanics in the Future of Pavement Design, Construction, Performance, and Management - Opening Address





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