Improved Resilient Modulus Realized with Waste Product Mixtures

Subsurface Characterization and Design of an Ash Landfill on Varved Clays

Alkali-Silica Reactivity: An Overview of a Concrete Durabilty Problem
An overview of the problem of alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) is presented. It is a chemical reaction that can occur between aggregates containing certain forms of silica and the alkaline...

Resolving Environmental Concerns: Ash Beneficial Reuse

Institutional Constraints to the Use of Coal Fly Ash in Civil Engineering Construction

FGD Waste Engineering Properties are Controlled by Disposal Choice

Alkali Activation of Class C Fly Ash

Highway Construction Use of Wastes and By-Products

A Study on the Utilization of Incinerator Residue for Asphalt Concrete

Problems Related to Disposal of Fly Ash and its Utilization as a Structural Fill

Backfill-Stiffened Foundation Wall Construction

Utilization of Fly Ash in High Volumes for Low Strength Cement Composites

Fly Ash Grouts for Subsidence Control
A laboratory investigation was undertaken to examine procedures for evaluating candidate grouts and to develop quality grouts for use in abandoned mines. The objective of this grout application...

Properties and Environmental Impact of Stabilized Fly Ash
This paper summarizes the results of two research studies aimed at evaluating the properties and possible environmental effects of bituminous and lignite coal based fly ashes stabilized...

Stabilized Fly Ash Cover for a Municipal Waste Landfill
The study reported herein and several recently related projects have been aimed at reducing the hydraulic conductivity of fly ash and physiochemically fixing any potential leachable metals....

Leachate Flow from an Experimental Fly Ash Landfill
Combustion of coal in large-scale utility boilers produces an ash by-product which is often stored in open landfills. An experimental fly ash landfill was constructed by Pennsylvania Power...

Raising of an Ash Disposal Pond by Hydraulic Filling
Commercial and industrial development around existing power plant waste disposal sites often precludes the ability to expand these sites laterally. Limitations on land availability have...

Acid Mine Drainage Control Utilizing Fly Ash
Acid mine drainage is a serious environmental problem confronting the Appalachian region. Fly ash, the air particulate residual from the combustion of coal, is also an environmental concern...

Ash Disposal at Coal Creek Station
This paper outlines the effort of two utilities to minimize the impact of an 1100 megawatt lignite fired plant's waste stream on the environment. Current regulations, poor...

Beneficial Use of Coal Ash as a Structural Fill
For decades, electric utility companies have and will continue to dispose of their coal ash in various waste disposal sites. In the state of Pennsylvania, the Beneficial Use of Coal Ash...





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