Retention of Multiple Heavy Metal Ions by Fly Ash
Clayey soils are widely used as liner materials in landfills. They, not only retard the transport of leachates due to their low permeability, but also retain the heavy metal ions due to...

Mixer Viscometer Characterization of AFBC Ash Grout

ASR Behavior of Class C Fly Ash Modified Cement

High-Strength, Rapid-Setting Concrete with Blended Cement

Analysis and Design of Liner System for a Large Ash Residual Landfill

Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concretes With and Without Class C Fly Ash

Soil Stabilization Utilizing Alternative Waste Materials

Environmental Impacts of Autoclaved Cellular Concrete

Fly Ash and Tire Chips for Highway Embankments

Compatibility of Soil Admixed Fly Ash To Acetic Acid

Interface Strength of Ash on Geosynthetics Using a Rotation Shear Device

Calcium Bentonite, Cement, Slag, and Fly Ash as Slurry Wall Materials

Fluidized Bed Ash as a Soil Stabilizer in Highway Construction

Utilization of Coal Fly Ash from Fluidized Bed Combustion Systems

Adsorption of Lead in Fly Ash Subgrades for Waste Disposal Facilities

Chemical Characterization of Ash Residue from Municipal Waste Incinerator

The Construction of an Ash Pavement in Shelton, Connecticut

Hydraulic Properties of Surface Runoff on Ash-Mixed Concrete Pavement
The disposal of incinerated sludge ash from wastewater treatment plants is becoming an increasingly difficult problem in highly populated cities. The feasibility of reusing sludge ash...

Hydration Mineralogy of Cementitious Coal Combustion By-Products

Mineral Admixtures for Concrete - An Overview of Recent Developments





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