Modeling the Behavior of LNAPLs Under Hydraulic Flushing

Multicomponent NAPL Composition Dynamics and Risk

Field-Scale Application of In-Situ Cosolvent Flushing: Evaluation Approach

The Use of Surfactants to Remediate NAPL-Contaminated Aquifers

Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) for Enhanced Soil Flushing

Flushing of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons from Soil Using SDS Surfactant

Laboratory Assessment of EDB Removal from Soil By Flushing

Preserve Reservoir Capacity by Hydraulic Flushing

Reservoir Sediment Routing and Hydraulic Flushing

Reservoir Sedimentation Management: Strategies for the Next Century

Flushing Flows for Habitat Restoration

Sediment Pass-Through, An Alternative to Reservoir Dredging

Flushing Flows for the Water Manager

Circulation and Flushing in Casco Bay, Maine
A modified 3-D hydrodynamic numerical model MECCA (Model for Estuarine and Coastal Circulation Assessment; Hess, 1989) has been applied to Casco Bay, Maine, with a horizontal resolution...

Bed Material and Numerical Modeling in a Gravel/Cobble Bed Stream
The characteristics of bed material in a cobble or gravel river and their use for numerical simulation of flushing flow needs are discussed. There are three types of bed material: 1) material...

The Water and Waste Water Savings Achieved by Ultra Low Flush Toilets in Santa Monica, California

Tidal Pumping Effects in Coastal Loop Canals
During the last half century the world's coastal zones have been rapidly developed and urbanized, especially in the industrialized world. The coastline of the State of Florida is a typical...

Dredged Material Transport at Deep-Ocean Disposal Sites

Hydraulic Desiltation for Noncohesive Sediment
Sedimentation reduces the useful life of a reservoir. The physical processes of flushing sediment are not well-understood. Flushing processes can be classified into two categories: local...

The Flushing Flow Problem on the Trinity River, CA
Flushing flows are high flow releases designed to remove fine sediment accumulated in river gravels downstream of reservoirs. These releases must be designed to maximize transport of sand-sized...





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