The Invisible Infrastructure
Most developed countries have 50- to 100-year-old underground utility systems that carry far greater loads than their designs. They're difficult to repair or replace, yet...

Numerical Simulation of Bed-Load Sediment Transport by Long-Shore Currents

Fractional Threshold of Motion for Mixed Sand Beds and Implications for Sediment Transport Modeling

Cross-Shore Sand Transport and Bed Composition

Effect of Bed Roughness on Net Sediment Transport by Asymmetrical Waves

Sediment Transport Model and Its Application for Assessment of Sedimentation in Navigable Channels

Ripple Characteristics and Bed Roughness Under Tidal Flow

Large-Eddy Computation of Horizontal Fluidized Bed by a New Multiphase LES

ITS Development in China: Some Strategic Issues

Research on Data Stream Coding of Vehicle Saturation in ITS

Modernization of Railway Transport Operational Management with Information Technology

The Upgrading of ITS in Railway Passenger Station

Cable-Tied Blocks as an Alternative for Protecting Bridge Piers Against Scour under Mobile-Bed Conditions

Detecting Bridge Scour by Measuring the Thermal Variation Across the Stream Bed

River Bed Deformation Computed from Shear Stress

Interaction Between River-Bed Degradation and Growth of Vegetation in Gravel Bed River

Equilibrium Gravel Bedload Transport

Sediment Sampling for Environmental Monitoring

Bedload Transport in Cobble-Bed Rivers

Scour Depth of Salmon Redds Relative to nearby Bed





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