Correlating Oceanographic Processes with Seabed Change: Mouth of the Columbia River, U.S.A.

What Happens at the Seabed off a Headland during a Tropical Cyclone

Erosion and Sediment Control Mechanisms of Rolled Erosion Control Products in Channel Applications

Geotechnical Aspects of Foundation Design and Construction for Pipelines Buried in Liquefiable Riverbed

Lessons Learned about Pipe Bursting

Owner Challenges When Selecting Directional Drilling for Pipeline Installations

Directional Drilling in Maine and New Hampshire for the PNGTS/Maritimes 762 mm Natural Gas Pipeline Project

The Rehabilitation of Water Mains by Trenchless Renovation

The History of Trenchless Technology in the Middle East

Pipeline Rehabilitation and Repair

Municipal Infrastructure: Innovative Trenchless Replacement Method Utilizing Bell-Less Ductile Iron Pipe, Case Studies

San Diego's Conveyance Tunnels: A Historical Perspective

Lessons Learned about Cured-in-Place Pipe During Construction

Natural Dewatering of Alum Sludge in Freezing Beds

Simulating Wireless Radio Communications in Earthwork Construction

Supporting Dimensional Control by Information Technology

National Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture Tailoring: An Object-Oriented Approach

Utilizing IT in Engineering Education and Practice

Sky High
The increasing demand for personal communication services (PCS), such as digital cell phones and pagers, as well as digital television (DTV), has created new challenges for creating and...

I.T.S. On the Way
With fewer roads being built, surface transportation engineers must develop ways to increase the efficiency of existing roadways by using intelligent transportation systems (ITS), but...





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