Vorticity Distribution of Horseshoe Vortex on Scoured Bed

Evaluation of Recent Field and Laboratory Research on Scour at Bridge Piers in Coarse Bed Materials

Maryland SHA Procedure for Estimating Scour at Bridge Abutments, Part 1 -Live Bed Scour

Detecting Bridge Scour by Measuring the Thermal Variation Across the Stream Bed

Materials for Repair and Rehabilitation of Underground Pipelines

Latest Developments in Microtunneling Methods for Roadway Crossings

Installation of Conduits under Highways Using Trenchless Technology

Geotechnical Aspects of Highway Crossings Using Trenchless Technology

Applications of Horizontal Sampling and Logging Technologies in Geotechnical Site Investigations

The New Perspective on I.T.
In the last few years engineering firms have stopped seeing information technology as a support system and started looking at it as an opportunity to create new series. Through Web sites,...

Bed Roughness over Vortex Ripples

Fluidization of the Sand Bed and Sediment Movement in the Surf Zone

Effect of Wave Breaking and Bed Friction on Suspended Sediment Concentration

Sediment Fluxes above a Mobile Sandy Bed in the Nearshore

Evaluation of Bed Shear, Vertical Mixing and Reference Concentration Formulations

The Control of Resuspension over Megaripples on the Continental Shelf

Depth-Integrated Sand Transport in the Surf Zone

Influence of Wave Groups on Sand Re-Suspension over Bedforms in a Large Scale Wave Flume

Application of Bailard's Energetics Model for Shingle Sediment Transport

Shoreface Bedforms and Cross-Shore Sand Fluxes Measured Using an Enhanced Sea Sled





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