Appropriate Technology in Resource Conservation & Recovery
Six contributions to proceedings of an October 1979 ASCE workshop deal with both developing and industrial countries. A review of debris accumulation in urban areas reveals archaeological,...

Disposal of Hazardous Toxic Munition Waste

Codisposal of Sludge and Refuse

The EPA R&D Program to Assess the Solid Residue from the Fluidized-Bed Combustion Process

Fluid-Bed Combustion and Gasification Solids Disposal

Fluidized Bed Combustion Waste in Food Production

Reviewer's Comments - Reuse, Recycle, Utilization

Environmental Research Needs for Fluidized Bed Combustion Residues

Hydrologic Impacts of Landfill Disposal of Solid Wastes from Fluidized Bed Combustion

Reducing Solid Wastes from Fluidized-Bed Combustion by Improving Limestone Utilization

R and D Needs in Disposal of FBC Solid Wastes

Evaluation of Solid Waste from Fluidized Bed Systems for Potential Commercial Uses

Fluid Dynamic Lift on a Bed Particle
Direct measurement of lift forces acting on an exposed sphere at the boundary of a fluid flow shows that the lift force may be negative (i.e., directed toward the boundary) if the grain-size...

Optimum Backwashing of Sand Filters
A fundamental theoretical and experimental study of backwashing is presented showing that backwashing with water alone is an inherently weak process because of the absence of particle...

Incipient Transport of Fine Grains and Flakes by Fluids — Extended Shields Diagram
Experiments on the incipient transport from flat sediment beds in water streams of four grades of fine cohesionless granular solids and six grades of fine cohesionless flaky solids are...

Developments in Backwashing of Granular Filters
Reasons for the renewed interest in granular filter backwashing are presented, especially the more difficult backwashing problem encountered in wastewater filtration. Water fluidization...

Analytical Model of Duct-Flow Fluidization

Decrease in Scour Rate of Fresh Deposited Muds
This note comments on the observation that the decrease in the rate of scour of freshly deposited muds is attributed to a gradual development of a resistive bed roughness pattern. Since...

Bagnold Approach and Bed-Form Development
The results of a laboratory investigation of the flow over a narrowly graded 0.49 mm sand are examined within the framework of Bagnold's Theory for the Flow of Cohesionless...

Backwashing of Granular Water Filters
The grains of a rapid water filter are best cleansed by washing upward with water consistently at a rate sufficient to fluidize the entire bed and for a period sufficient to wash the dislodged...





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