Localization of Inelastic Deformation in Elasto-Plastic Pore Solids Saturated by Liquid

Development of Localization in Undrained Deformation

Numerical Analysis of Damage in Lattices and Consequences on Continuum Modelling

Stably-Stratified Surface Thermal Jet in a Current: Cold Climate Condition

Two Classical Elasticity Problems Revisited by a Quasi-static Poroelastic BEM Implementation

Seismic Response of a Block on an Inclined Plane to Vertical and Horizontal Excitation Acting Simultaneously

Use of Neural Networks for Fluid Resistance Prediction

Dynamics of Highly Deformable Sandwich Frame Structures

Embedded Localization Band Elements for Mode-I and Mode-II Failure

Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Simulation of FWD Loading on Pavement Systems

1500 mm Corrugated HDPE Pipe Installation and Performance

Greenville Installs 1st 1.5m Annular CPE Pipe in the USA

Precast Concrete Low-Head Pressure Pipe Significant in Historic Irrigation Canal Rehab

Rapid Slope Monitoring
Use of inexpensive coaxial cable rather than inclinometers has cut the cost of monitoring slope movement at seven potential landslide sites in California. The method involved is called...

Recent Developments in Stochastic Mechanics Relevant to Earthquake Engineering

Experiments with Elasto-Plastic Oscillator

Reliability Analysis of Beam with Initial Deflection by Entropy Model

Smooth Modelling of Oblique Contact with Friction of Turbine Blades: Behaviour Analysis Under Random Excitation

A CDM-Based Approach to Stochastic Damage Growth

A Simulation Procedure for First Passage Problems of Nonlinear Structures





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