Mapping and Surveying Florida's Submerged Lands

Administrative Allocation and Economic Efficiency

Interrelating Land and Water Management in Florida

Social Choice in the Upper St. Johns River Basin

Influence of a Jetty System on Tidal Inlet Stability and Morphology: Fort George Inlet, Florida

Strategy for Determining Nonpoint Nutrient Loads in Florida

Nonpoint Pollution Control Strategies in Florida

Florida Sewage Plant First to Remove Nutrients with Bacteria Alone — No Need for Costly Chemicals
Palmetto, Florida is now constructing the first advanced wastewater treatment plant in the U.S. to use the Bardenpho process. Unlike other AWT processes, this ingenious plant removes pohosphorus...

Public Access to Florida's Beaches

Coastal Construction Setback Lines: Case Studies from Southwest Florida

Verification of an Estuarine Model for Apalachicola Bay, Florida

Planning for Phosphate Land Reclamation

Equilibrium Shores and Coastal Design

Beach and Nearshore Processes in Southeastern Florida

Stability of Dunedin and Hurricane Passes, Florida

Deepwater Wave Energy Builds a Stable Beach

St. Marys Entrance, Florida

A Comparative Review of Sand Transfer Systems at Florida's Tidal Entrances

Lake Worth Inlet — Case Study

Innovative Design at Florida Bulkhead Reduces Material and Construction Costs
Remedial work to an existing bulkhead at a deep-water berth for Port Everglades, Florida, has been done with substantial savings through the application of innovative design concepts....





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