Engineering and Construction in Tropical and Residual Soils
Thirty-one papers and six invited lectures presented at the specialty conference on engineering and construction in tropical and residual soils are included. The proceedings represent...

Distribution and Use of Drainage Wells in Florida

Effect of Ground Water Quality on Crops in Florida

Ground-Water Degradation Incidents, West-Central Florida

Flood Reduction in Pinellas County, Florida

Tampa's Hookers Point AWT Plant Working Well
The Tampa, Florida advanced wastewater treatment plant is designed to remove a high degree of BOD suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorous. Presently, the state has exempted the plant...

Miami Riot—Will a Phoenix Rise from Ashes—
In May, inner-city black residents of Miami, Florida, looted and burned about 300 buildings in their neighborhoods. The cause is detailed—their perception that the judicial system was...

A Solute Transport Model for Tidal Canal Networks

Quality in a Florida 1—, 2? and 3? Stream System

Effect of Forestry Practices in Florida Watersheds

Coral Reef Protection During Beach Restoration in Florida

Endangered Species: Compatibility with a Utility

A Local Endangered Species? Program — Florida Manatee, Trichechus manatus

Shuttle Diplomacy and the Other Side of Coastal Management

A Planning Procedure for the East Everglades

Scientific Collecting in South Florida: Problems with Permits

The East Everglades: Perservation vs Land Use

Spoil Islands: Determining How Local Governments Can Manage Them

Optimization of Stormwater Management Practices

Drainage Design of the Tampa Palms Property





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