Cleanup of the Miami Drum Hazardous Waste Site

Central and Southern Florida Project

Planning for a Future Energy Terminal in Florida

Local Endangered Species Preservation Palm Bay, Florida

Environmental Protection Program for the Expansion of the Port of Miami, Florida

Sediment and Nutrient Loads Associated with a Tropical Storm, Loxahatchee River Estuary, Southeastern Florida

Use of Inlet Sand for Beach Nourishment in Florida

Beach Nourishment Monitoring, Florida East Coast: Physical Engineering Aspects & Management Implications

Engineering and Construction in Tropical and Residual Soils
Thirty-one papers and six invited lectures presented at the specialty conference on engineering and construction in tropical and residual soils are included. The proceedings represent...

Orlando International: Airport of the 21st Century
The latest technology in airport design from the apron overlays to the terminal itself was incorporated at Orlando International, the nation's fastest growing airport. Now...

Full Scale Load Test of Transit Foundation

Design of Drilled Shafts in South Florida Limestone

Energy Use and Water Supply in Florida: 1975, 1985 and 2000

THM Removal in South Florida Water Supply

Forest Water Management Principles in Florida

Water Control and Cropping Alternatives in Everglades

Freshwater for Deep-Well Injection, South Florida

Subsurface Storage of Freshwater, South Florida

Underground Injection of Wastewater in Florida

Distribution and Use of Drainage Wells in Florida





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