Biofiltration at the Silvex Hazardous Waste Site

Estimation of Annual Runoff Coefficients Using a Continuous Simulation Model

Design Considerations for Ecosystem Restoration

Hydrologic Evaluation of Wetland Restoration Measures by Continuous Simulation

Modeling Wetland Hydrodynamics Using SWMM-EXTRAN

Weathering Effect on the Dispersion of a Heavy Crude Oil

Specification of the Florida Straits Transport within the NOAA East Coast Ocean Model

Artificial Recharge of Ground Water II
The Second International Symposium on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water was held in Orlando, Florida from July 17-22, 1995 and sponsored by the ASCE Special Standards Division, the ASCE...

Evaluation of Transportation Alternatives for Tallahassee's Proposed Northeast Parkway

The Miami Intermodal Center and the Florida's High Speed Rail Transportation System

Is South Florida Too Waterproof?

Byron D. Spangler, Florida's `Mr. Civil Engineer,' Dies at 81

Jacksonville Intermodal Center

Correcting Downdrift Beach Erosion with Existing Technology and Programs

Rehabilitation Berths 271-273 Tampa Port Authority

The Construction Constrained Corridor Program and Database Development Process

Major Investment Study for the I-4 Multi-Modal Corridor

Canaveral Port Authority Cruise Terminal No. 10 Pier

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Allows for Cost Effective Development of a Regional Public Water Supply System in a Water Short Area

Regional Modeling - The Time is Now





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