Visual Mosaicking of the Ocean Floor and its Relation to Three-Dimensional Occlusions

Probabilistic Evaluation of Wood-Joist Floor Vibrations

Reliability Analysis of Pipeline on Elastic Seafloor

Serviceability System Factor for Design of Wood Floors

Using Tuned Mass Dampers to Eliminate Annoying Floor Vibrations

The Importance of the Diaphragm on Seismic Response of Buildings

Stability of Multistory Building Frames with Soil Interaction

Case Combination and Adaptation of Building Spaces

Second-Order and Overall Stability Analyses for Tall Building Structures with Stepped Cross-Sections and with Floor Slab Deformations Considered

Easy, Concise Calculations for Eccentrically Loaded Connections

Composite Beams with Adjacent Slab Openings

Numerical Evaluation of the Breakout Force of Embedded Objects in Cohesive Seafloor Soils

Preliminary Wood-Floor Vibration Design Criteria

Seismic Assessment for Offshore Pipelines

An Application of a Coulomb Damped Mass Device
A new, passive, dissipation device which utilizes Coulomb friction to reduce horizontal structural motions is adapted to an actual vertical vibration problem. An analysis by numerical...

Use of Composite Timber-concrete Floors in Residential Buildings
Timber-concrete floors are widely used in the Gulf region for its resistance to hot and aggressive environment of the area. However, due to the fact that no shear connector is provided,...

Evaluation of Wood Floor Vibration Design Criteria
In the United States, floors in wood buildings are designed according to strength and deflection criteria under static uniform loads. With the introduction of engineered joist products...

Design and Construction of Post-Tensioned Concrete Floor Systems
This is a summary of the original full length paper which is available from the author. This paper assumes a basic technical knowledge of reinforced concrete design and prestressed concrete...

Impact of Non-Gaussian pdf on Reliability Estimates for Deep Water Platforms
The offshore community has invested a great deal in the analysis and design of compliant deep water platforms such as tension leg platforms (TLPs) and more recently spar platforms. Tension...

Stability Analysis of Optimal Active Control Systems with Time-Delay and Other Influence Parameters
This paper presents a theoretical solution for determining the stability region of multi-story buildings equipped with one active tendon controller on a certain floor. In this theoretical...





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