Bond in Thin Gauge Steel Concrete Composite Structures

The Effect of Composite Floor Slabs on the Behavior of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames in the Northridge Earthquake

Plastic Hinge Theory for Composite Floors and Frames

LaGuardia High School Gymnasium, Tuned Mass Dampers `Dance to the Tune to Tame Floor Vibrations

Slim Floors - System Behaviour and Fire Resistance of Hollow Core Slabs on Flexible Beams

Vibration of Steel Framed Residential Floor Systems: Preliminary Guidelines

Shear Stresses and Hydrodynamics of Combined Waves and Currents

Morphological Impact Assessment of Artificial Islands for the ├śresund Link Between Denmark and Sweden

Stochastics of Sediment Transport, Shore Evolution and Their Input

Influence of Seabed Topography and Roughness on Longshore Wave Processes

Seismic Base Isolation Study for a Kentucky Building

Minimizing Floor Vibrations from Occupant Activities

Dynamic Service Actions for Floor Systems - Human Activity

Control of Floor Vibrations

Deflection Serviceability Design for Wood Members and Systems

Fatigue Cracks at Stringer-Floorbeam Connections

Laying Sequence Planning for Continuous Girder Reinforced Concrete Floor System by Genetic Algorithms

Optimal Fitting of a Model to Observations of Sediment Concentration in the Irish Sea

Propeller Wash Induced Erosion at Quay Walls
The characteristics are examined of the sea bed erosion produced by the scouring action of a ship's propeller wash acting against a quay wall. The rate of development of erosion...

Statistical Analyses of Acoustical Wave Velocity in Porous Seafloor





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