State-of-the-Art of Development of Floor Spectra
Floor spectra are used as seismic inputs for the design and qualification of subsystems and equipment. Until very recently, the time history analyses with single acceleration time history...

Dynamic Analysis of Short-Length Gravity Dams

Floor Spectra for Nonclassically Damped Structures

Composite Slab with Stud Restraint

Full-Scale Shear Tests of Embedded Floor Modules

Breakout Theory for Offshore Structures Seated on Sea-Bed

Wave-Induced Seepage Effects on a Buried Pipeline

Stochastic Response of Yielding Multi-Story Structures

Structural Analysis of Light-Frame Subassemblies
Conventional light-frame subassemblies have a long history of good performance. Until recently this performance could not be quantified adequately because of the complex ways in which...

Wood Trusses and Other Manufactured Structural Components
Roof trusses, floor trusses, wood I and box beams, and glued-laminated timber are discussed. Some of the major recommendations for future research include improved analytical techniques...

Session Report on Trusses and Manufactured Structural Components

Seismic Test Facilities for Building Structures in Japan

Wave Reflection From Coastal Structures

Session Report on Subassembles — Walls, Floors, Etc.

Wave Decay Characteristics in Slowly Varying Depth

Refraction of Directional Spectra

Seismic Performance of Low-Rise Wood Buildings

Damping Of A Floor Sample

Wave-Induced Instability of Cubes on the Sea Floor

A Probabilistic Basis for Area-Dependent Design Live Loads





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