Floor Vibrations — Tips for Designers
The purpose of this paper is to suggest a number of practical concepts which can be used to improve the performance of floor systems subject to occupant induced motion from either walking,...

Composite Floor Vibrations: Predicted and Measured
Several steel composite floor systems of relatively long span trusses for a number of high rise structures in the Chicago area have been subjected to field measurements to evaluate their...

Seismic Response of Multistory Building Structures With Flexible Floor Diaphragms
An efficient model for three-dimensional analysis of multistory structures with flexible floor diaphragms is proposed in this paper. Three-dimensional analysis of a building structure...

Floor Response Spectra Including Structure-Equipment Interaction Effects
An efficient method for generating floor response spectra with the structure-equipment interaction effects is proposed. Floor response spectra are computed from a prescribed ground response...

Ocean Management in Danish Waters

Optimization of Structures Subjected to Vibrations
A minimum cost optimization procedure is presented for the analysis of multi-degree freedom structures subjected to steady, transient and random vibration environment. The procedure is...

Sorting of Mixed Sand on a Two-Dimensional Beach
A numerical method is developed to predict temporal variations of the sea bed topography and the bed-material composition. The predicted results are compared with the measurements in a...

Legal Regimes for Seabed Hard Mineral Mining: Federal and State Developments

Innovative Use of Continuous Composite Beams

Construction of Composite Floor Systems in Buildings

A Light Gauge Structural Panel for Composite Flooring

Semi-Rigid Composite Construction

Composite Slabs with Profiled Sheeting

Elastic Design of Composite Slabs

Dynamic Characteristics of Composite Floor Systems

Candor Chasma Camp
This paper proposes a camp at Mars, in the Coprates region of the Valles Marineris rift, just below the equator on Candor Mensa 6°-12'S, 73°-30'W. Beginning at...

Behavior of Australian Composite Slabs

Detailed Dynamics of Nearshore Suspended Sediment

Potential of Seabed Drifters for Nearshore Circulation Studies

Strengthening Old Floors
The floors of the historic City Hall and Courthouse in Minneapolis had withstood 80 years of hard use before they have to be analyzed and brought up to code. The building is about 300...





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