Evolution of Composite Floor Systems in the United States
Composite floor systems, which combine structural steel beams with a cast-in-place concrete slab, have grown in popularity in the U.S. during the past 40 years. In most early applications,...

Control of Wind Response of the Trump World Tower
The Trump World Tower is a luxury residential building located on 1st Ave. and 48th St. in New York City,...

Floor Vibrations: Ultra-Long Span Joist Floors

Composite Joist Case Histories

Inverse Reliability Methods in the Design of Wood Structures

Use of Wisconsin Electric Bottom Ash Sand and Gravel as Sub-Base and Base Material for Rigid and Flexible Pavements and Floors

Correlating Oceanographic Processes with Seabed Change: Mouth of the Columbia River, U.S.A.

What Happens at the Seabed off a Headland during a Tropical Cyclone

Sand Transport Through and Around the Main Breakwater at East London

New Developments in Engineered Lumber Rim Products

Daewoo Business Center, Shanghai, China

Field Observations of Nearshore, Wave–Seabed Interactions

Morphodynamic Modeling of Shoreface Bars

Local Scour at Bridge Piers in the Cohesive Soil in the Yellow Sea

Low-Temperature Repair of the Ice Condenser Floor Slab at the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant

Installation of a Seafloor Earthquake Monitoring System

Patterns in the Water: Patterns in the Sand?

A Response Based Method for Developing Joint Metocean Criteria for Seabed Pipeline Design

Effect of Floor Slabs on Behavior of Full Moment Steel Connections

Composite Action in Slim Floor Systems





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