Economic factors of Floods, Scour, and Bridge Failures

Bridge Scour During the 1993 Floods in the Upper Mississippi River Basin

French Developments in Reservoir Structures

Design Guidelines for Porous/Permeable Pavements

Flooding-Induced Mine Subsidence at Retsof, New York

Floodplain Management
On July 28th, 1997, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, experienced devastating floods on Spring Creek that resulted in property damage and loss of life. As part of the local floodplain...

Forecasting Multiple-Period Freeway Link Travel Times Using Neural Networks with Expanded Input Nodes

South Platte River Enhancement-North Denver

Coordination of Drift Management at Bluestone Lake

Littoral Processes, Sediment Budget and Coast Evolution in Vietnam

The Storm over Sturm: A Case Study in Multijurisdictional Stormwater Management, Lake County, Illinois

Retrofitting an Urban Watershed—From Concept to Reality

Drainage Problems in an Urbanized Watershed

Operational Modeling System with Dynamic-Wave Routing

Using Digital Topo Maps for Hydraulic Modeling

GIS-Based Processing of NEXRAD Rainfall Estimates

Two-Dimensional Flood Modeling for a Tidal Canal

Hydraulic Analysis Using FESWMS-2DH of the State Route 76 and Hatchie River Crossing in Brownsville, Tennessee

Acquisition and Relocation as a Floodplain Management Tool

Technical Mapping Advisory Council to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): A Status Report on its Purpose and Progress





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