Horizontal Structure of Flood Flow with Dense Vegetation Clusters Along Main Channel Banks

Friant Dam Spillway Rehabilitation

Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Modeling of Sanmenxia Reservoir

Solution of the Saint Venant Equations Through the Use of Riemann Based Methods

2-D Flow and Sediment Simulation for the Flood Regulation of a Reservoir with Water Intake

Dam Foundation Erosion: Numerical Modeling

Turbulence and Stability at Interfaces in Stratified Reservoir for Power Generation

A Debris Flow Triggered by a Soil Slip on Elba Island, Italy

Glacial Debris-Flows Mitigation in Kazakstan: Assessment, Prediction and Control

Automated, Reproducible Delineation of Zones at Risk from Inundation by Large Volcanic Debris Flows

On the Importance of Mud and Debris Flow Rheology in Structural Design

Comparison of Debris Flow Modelling Approaches

On the Importance of Mudflow Routing

One-Dimensional Routing of Mud/Debris Flows Using NWS FLDWAV Model

Two-Dimensional Ethanol Floods of Toluene in Homogeneous, Unconfined Aquifer Media

Managing Water
Coping with Scarcity and Abundance
The proceedings, Managing Water: Coping with Scarcity and Abundance, consists of papers presented at the 27th Congress of the International...

Watershed-Change Induced Uncertainty on Runoff Frequency for Water Resources Management

Flood Risk Analysis in the Upper Adriatic Sea Due to Sea Level Rise and Land Subsidence

Bridge Scour Evaluation Program in the United States

A Simple Bed Armouring Algorithm for Graded Sediment Routing in Rivers





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