Hydrodynamic Approaches to Design Balancing Ponds

The Threat of Flooding and the Problem of Protection of Territories in the Delta of the Ural River in View of the Rising of the Caspian Sea Level

New Dimension to Spillway Gate Operation for Reducing the Flood Intensity

The Mixing Mechanism in Turbulent Two-Stage Meandering Channel Flows

Analytical Model for Hydraulic Roughness of Submerged Vegetation

Lateral Velocity Variations in a Compound Channel - A Practical Approach

Spur Dike Effects on the River Nile Morphology After High Aswan Dam

Two-Dimensional Floodwave Analysis Resulting from Breached Levee

Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Velocity Distributions and Bed Configurations Under Flood Conditions

Flooding of Tunnelled Ocean Outfalls

Designing with Nature: The Development of a More Sustainable Approach to River Channel and Floodplain Restoration in the UK

Developing Geomorphic Post Project Appraisals for Environmentally-Aligned River Channel Management

Development of a River Bed with Hydraulic Models

Managing Complex Hydrological Situations: Necessary Integration of Environmental and Economical Demands

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Compound Channels with Vegetated Flood Plains

Management of High Lake Okeechobee Stages - 1994/1995

Flood Channel Facility: Experiments in Two-Stage Mobile Boundary Channels

Sediment Transport in a Gravel Bed Channel During Overbank Flow

Routing of Tailings in a Stream Channel

Research on the Motion of Uniform and Non-Uniform Sediments in Two-Stage Channels





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