Flood-Runoff Analysis
This manual describes methods for evaluating flood-runoff characteristics of watersheds. Guidance is provided in selecting and applying such methods to support the various investigations...

Channel Stability Assessment for Flood Control Projects
This manual provides assistance for determining potential channel instability and sedimentation effects in flood control projects. It is intended to facilitate consideration of the type...

Aesthetics in the Constructed Environment
This proceedings, Aesthetics in the Constructed Environment, contains papers presented at the 24th Annual Conference of ASCE's...

Probable Maximum Precipitation Storm Isohyetal Orientation Reduction Factors

Probable Maximum Floods - The Reviewer's Perspective

Improving Real Time River Operation with Detailed Flow Routing

Paleoflood Hydrology and Dam Safety

Flood Water Harvest

Influence of Lateral Momentum Transfer on Bridge Abutment Scour

Local Scaling of Bridge Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

Optimal Control of Sudden Water Release from a Reservoir

The July 1996 Flood on a Trans DMZ River in Korea

Managing Extremes: The IJC Experience

Implementation of Object-Oriented Programming for Dynamic Simulation of Open Channel Flow

The Caspian Sea Storm Surge Coastal Protection

Risk-Based Design of Roadway Crossing Structures Considering Intangible Factors

Case Study: Lesson and Probabilistic Determination on Eroded Earth Spillway Rehabilitation

The Effect of Climate Change on Danube Flow Regime

Simulation of Floods in Ping River Using IIS Distributed Hydrological Model (IISDHM)

Coupling 1-D and 2-D Models for Flood Management





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