Modeling of Watershed Flood Forecasting with Time Series Artificial Neural Network Algorithm

Flood Hazard Identification and Management in Storage Flood Areas

Drainage Conflicts in Urban Areas

Reservoir Operation Strategy for a Mountainous Reservoir-River System During Floods

Selection of an Appropriate Hydrologic Analysis Method to Simulate a Watershed Response: Ashland Creek Case Study

The Frequency of Combined Sewer Overflows During Flood Events in the Receiving Water

A Physically-Based Hydrologic Method for Flood Routing in River Channels

Design Floods in River Networks

Adaptation of FEMA Alluvial Fan Flooding Methodology for N-Year Floods

Huxtable Pumping Plant Interior Flood Hydrology

Flood Routing in Ungauged Reservoir Watersheds

Use of Acoustic Velocity Methodology and Remote Sensing Techniques to Measure Unsteady Flow on the Lower Yazoo River in Mississippi

Water Resources of the Brahmaputra River System in South Asia

Fractional Volume Methods for the Calculation of Shallow Water Flows

Abutment Scour in Compound Channels for Variable Setbacks

Detecting Ice Jam Events

Pipeline Route Selection for Rural and Cross-Country Pipelines
Prepared by the Task Committee to Rewrite Manual of Practice 46 of Committee on Pipeline Installation and Location of the Pipeline Division of ASCE ...

Littoral Cell Management Planning Along the Oregon Coast

The State of Our Coasts

Contrasts in Coastal Floods From Major Hurricanes: 1995 Opal in Florida, 1996 Fran in North Carolina





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