Effect of Multiple Floating Events on a 275 cm (108-inch) Diameter Pipeline

The Rehabilitation of Water Mains by Trenchless Renovation

Use of Subsurface Utility Engineering Techniques to Assess Existing Buried Pipeline Condition

Acoustic Monitoring of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

Corrosion Control Philosophy on a Large Concrete Pipeline System

PCCP Repair with Steel Liner and Polyurethane

Structural Evaluation of Harnessed Joints

Enhance Pipeline Reliability with Proper Installation

Tunnel Inspection and Rehabilitation for H2S Corrosion

Conquering the Mountain
Interstate 26 will be the largest and most expensive highway project ever undertaken in North Carolina. When completed in 2002, I-26 will provide safe and efficient interstate passage...

Analysis of Surge Pressures in the Inland Feeder and Eastside Pipeline

Avoiding Common Thrust Restraint Mistakes

Bidding Projects with Alternative Pipeline Materials

Electromagnetic Conductivity Survey of Pipeline Alignments for Soil Corrosivity Assessment and Corrosion Control Design for Large Diameter Water Pipelines

Polyethylene Encasement of Buried Conduit

Cathodic Protection of Cast Iron Pipe

Public Outreach and Construction Strategies for the Mission Trails Pipeline and Flow Regulatory Structure

Rancho Penasquitos Pipeline Public Affairs Support

Diagnosis of Buried Sewers: Tools and Methods, the French Experience

Impact Echo Testing of In-Situ Precast Concrete Cylinder Pipe





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