FLODRO 2.0: A User Friendly Personal Computer Package for Flood and Drought Frequency Analyses
The use of personal computers have changed dramatically the way to perform several studies related with hydrological problems. The increased capabilities of the current generation of personal...

An LPI Numerical Implicit Solution for Unsteady Mixed-Flow Simulation
A Local Partial Inertia (LPI) technique is developed as an option within the National Weather Service (NWS) FLDWAV dynamic flood routing model to enhance its capability to model unsteady...

Hydraulic Performance of Open Channel Breaching
Flood flow in natural channels with floodplains is often confined in the main channel by the presence of levees. The hydraulic performance of these kinds of channels can be seriously affected...

Santa Clara River Fluvial Analysis
The Santa Clara River watershed, located in Los Angeles County, has been subject to rapid increases in population and urban development, resulting in channelization, new bridges, and increased...

Advanced Hydrologic Forecasting for Flood and Drought Mitigation

Comparison of Multi-Layer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function Network as Tools for Flood Forecasting

Habitat Preservation and Enhancement Associated with San Diego Creek Flood Control Channel Improvement
San Diego Creek, an important regional flood control channel in southern Orange County, California, flows 2.4 kilometers through the mixed-use areas of Irvine Center (San Diego Freeway...

Drop Structures in the Real World: Guidelines for Drop Structures in Grass Lined and Wetlands Channels

Quasi Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis of Drop Structures

The Reclamation Drought Index: Guidelines and Practical Applications
Drought is a familiar occurrence that lacks the drama and immediacy of other natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, but the economic repercussions can be equally...

Investigation of Some Heavy Flood Hazards in Small Alpine Catchments in Austria

The System for the Hydrological Forecasting in Serbia

Flood Forecasting Model for an Alpine Drainage Basin - River Drau in Austria

Modeling Groundwater Response to a Perimeter Flood
A large industrial facility in the west of France was impacted by a flood in January 1995. Costs associated with the disruption in one week of production were estimated at $15E6 US. In...

Flood Trends in Austria

Hydrological Analysis of High Flows and Floods in the Sava River Near Zagreb (Croatia)

Catastrophic Floods and Their Risk in the Rivers of Albania

Estimate the Hazards of Bank Burst in the Lower Yellow River

Bridge Abutment Scour in Floodplain with Backwater

Flooding from Rain-on-Snow Events in the Sierra Nevada
The most damaging floods in rivers of the Sierra Nevada of California have occurred during warm storms when rain fell in snow covered catchments. These large floods in the major tributaries...





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