New Dimension to Spillway Gate Operation for Reducing the Flood Intensity

The Mixing Mechanism in Turbulent Two-Stage Meandering Channel Flows

Analytical Model for Hydraulic Roughness of Submerged Vegetation

Lateral Velocity Variations in a Compound Channel - A Practical Approach

Comparison of Water Surface Profiles from Physical and Numerical Models in Mixed Regime Flow

Spur Dike Effects on the River Nile Morphology After High Aswan Dam

Two-Dimensional Floodwave Analysis Resulting from Breached Levee

Watershed-Change Induced Uncertainty on Runoff Frequency for Water Resources Management

Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Velocity Distributions and Bed Configurations Under Flood Conditions

Flooding of Tunnelled Ocean Outfalls

Designing with Nature: The Development of a More Sustainable Approach to River Channel and Floodplain Restoration in the UK

Developing Geomorphic Post Project Appraisals for Environmentally-Aligned River Channel Management

River Rehabilitation Measures for a Lowland Channel with Flood Defense Requirements: River Idle, UK

Development of a River Bed with Hydraulic Models

Managing Complex Hydrological Situations: Necessary Integration of Environmental and Economical Demands

Numerical Simulation of Morphological Change Due to Several Floods in a Estuary with Large Sand Bars

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Compound Channels with Vegetated Flood Plains

Management of High Lake Okeechobee Stages - 1994/1995

Flood Channel Facility: Experiments in Two-Stage Mobile Boundary Channels

Sediment Transport in a Gravel Bed Channel During Overbank Flow





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