Commission Awards Billions for California Storage Projects

$1-Billion Project to Renovate Hospital

America’s Water Infrastructure Act Reauthorizes WRDA, Safe Drinking Water Programs
The recently enacted America’s Water Infrastructure Act updates the civil works program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, reauthorizes the federal dam and levee safety programs, and authorizes additional...

Higher Learning: Vanderbilt Course Teaches Risk, Reliability, and Resilience

Senate Subcommittee Examines Risks to Superfund Sites from Natural Disasters
In the aftermath of recent natural disasters, a Senate subcommittee examines how to improve the protection of Superfund sites against such events....

Construction Begins on Lagoon Restoration Project near San Diego

Los Angeles Project Seeks Cool Solution to Hot Asphalt

Composite Core-Wall System and Performance-Based Design Transform High-Rise Construction

Using Geophysics to Assess Geohazards Before Construction: Increase Your Odds for Success!
Understanding subsurface conditions is the key to any successful construction project, including new construction, excavation, and drilling. The consideration and understanding of the subsurface geology...

Helicopter-Based Geophysical Reconnaissance of Levees: A Faster, Cost-Effective Tool for Assessing Their Risk
As with much of the nation's infrastructure, people are becoming more and more aware of the condition of levee systems in the United States. The media cast a spotlight on the New Orleans levee failures...

Is Understanding the Stress History and Behavior of Soft Soils at Risk of Taking a Back Seat?

Los Angeles Aims to Parlay Olympic Win into More Funding, Expedited Projects

Project Will Restore, Protect Chicago Union Station Skylight

Rising to the Occasion
A parking garage fitted within a stormwater overflow reservoir is designed so that it rises out of the ground during storms as the reservoir fills with water....

Construction to Begin Soon on Major Reservoir in North Texas

Trump Administration, House Seek Agency Cooperation on Key Issues
As the White House seeks to foster cooperation among federal agencies in the realm of environmental approvals for infrastructure projects, a bill advancing in the House aims to promote agency collaboration...

Pro Bono Solar Project Restores Power to Puerto Rican Shelters

Geotechnics: The Unintended Blockchain of Our Communities

The New Lightweight Contender: Ultra-lightweight Foamed Glass Aggregate Finds the U.S. Market
Geotechnical engineers are often confronted with sites where the existing soil is prone to settlement or where there are subsurface utilities sensitive to additional load. If relocation or realignment...

Geotechnics: The Unintended Blockchain of Our Communities





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