Did You Know? Geostrata Is 20
Spring 2000 was the first issue of Geo-Strata (now GEOSTRATA). That issue included articles on academic-industry partnerships, implementing innovative technology, marketing advice from "The Old Rainmaker,"...

Creating Art AND Reducing Project Risk WITH 3D Modeling: Digital Insights Unearth Hidden Landscapes
Humans have always lived in threedimensional space, with senses that evolved for a 3D environment. So, it’s perfectly natural that people can more quickly, easily, and fully understand something when it’s...

GeoStabilization at Work: Stillwater River Road Project

Red Rocks Amphitheater Project

Historic Nugget Theater Project

Special Project Emphasizes Ethics and Professionalism

REACH Project Expands Indoor/Outdoor Kennedy Center Spaces

The Best Places For Civil Engineers 2020
ASCE’s Civil Engineering magazine researched and wrote this feature article before the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequently declared pandemic in the United States. Since then, the health...

Innovation At The Heights
Population growth in metropolitan Washington, D.C., has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and this is especially true for Arlington County, in Northern Virginia. This increase in population...

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority to Replace Lead Service Lines by 2027

Corps Proposes $1.75-Billion Plan for Reducing Storm Surge Risk in Charleston, South Carolina

Puerto Rican School's STEM Project Demonstrates "Commitment to Innovative Learning"

Colorado Diversion Dam Upgrade Benefits Cities, Whitewater Recreation, Fish Passage

Southern California Rail Project Shores Up Coastal Bluff

Algae Harvesting Technology Cleans Water

Will Pandemic-Related Construction Delays Be Compensable?

What If the Levee Breaks? Board Balances Safety against Economic Waste

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professions have taken a significant blow from the shutdown of businesses, the need for social distancing, the disruptions in supply chains, and the...

Risk, Resilience, Response
In accordance with the requirements of the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018, U.S. drinking water providers must complete risk and resilience assessments and emergency response plans. Large water...

Crisis Averted
After a severe earthquake, a section of 48 in. diameter sewer pipeline located beneath a lake bed in Anchorage, Alaska, became buoyant and floated to the surface of the frozen lake. Upon detection of the...





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