Exposed Steel Architecture - Case Studies

Performance Based Design for Fire in New Zealand

Development of the New ASCE-SFPE Standard for Structural Design for Fire Conditions

United States Model for Code Development in an International Context

Fire Safety Engineering Design in UK and Europe

Assessment of the Performance of the SMERF Indoor Fire Facility with the Use of an Active Calorimeter

Transportation Package Thermal and Shielding Response to a Regulatory Fire

Fire and Economic Impacts of Earthquakes

Reliability Analysis of a Dual Use Fire Protection/Reclaimed Water System, San Francisco, CA

Water-Power Lifeline Interaction

Fire-Related Aspects of the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Gas Leaks, Gas-Related Fires, and Performance of Seismic Gas Shutoff Valves During the Northridge Earthquake

City of Vancouver Dedicated Fire Protection System Underground Piping Design Considerations

Seismic Aspects of an Integrated System Reliability Study of the Marin Municipal Water District

A Mobile Robot for Reconnaissance of HAZMAT Incident Sites
First entry into situations where hazardous materials have been accidentally spilled or released is extremely dangerous. Often the type of material, its exact location, and the extent...

ARIANE-5 Launch Operations Construction and Operation of a New Launch Complex for Lower Cost, Higher Reliability Missions
This paper describes the main criteria driving the evolution of these facilities : launch rate, vulnerability to accidents, reliability and safety, cost optimization and adaptation to...

Fires Deemed to Have Tested Structural Performance
This paper provides an overview and progress report of a survey and study of fire incidents deemed to have tested the structural performance of large buildings. This ongoing effort was...

Consequential Fire Loads on Structures
Much less consideration has been given to the performance of modern structural and architectural systems during fires and to the minimization of damage that threatens the integrity of...

Synopsis of a Manual on Structural Fire Protection
Structural Fire Protection : Manual of Practice was published in 1992 by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Manual has two major parts. Part I (Chapters 1 to 3) introduces the...

Bio-Remediation of Simulated Fire Training Facility
A leaking aviation fuel underground storage tank system utilized for fire fighting training at the Will Rogers World Airport was removed by Oklahoma City Department of airports personnel....





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