A Methodology for Developing a Management Program for Protected Areas: The Biosphere Reserve of the Upper California Gulf and Colorado River Delta, Mexico

Use of Hybrid Construction Using Japanese Experience

Numerical Image Processing in Centrifuge Testing

Domesticating Steel
Residential contractors, nervous about fluctuations in lumber prices and quality, would welcome steel framing into the housing market if the necessary infrastructure were in place. Despite...

Tieback Anchors for Rehabilitation of a Steel Sheet Pile Wharf

Video for Traffic Data & Incident Detection by Traficon

Loop-Based Travel Time Measurement

Freeway Traffic Prediction Using Neural Networks

Prediction of Short-Term Freeway Traffic Volume Using Recursive Least Squares and Lattice Filtering

Clustering Based RBF Neural Network Model for Short-Term Freeway Traffic Volume Forecasting

Hybrid Wave Models and Their Applications

Visualization of Wave Kinematics on the World Wide Web: an Interactive Instructional Tool

Second Order Wave Forces on 3D Bodies in a Current

Numerical Modeling of Storm Waves for Hurricanes Erin and Felix

Numerical Forecasting of Infra-Gravity Waves Near Harbour Entrances

Interpretation of Digital Signals Using Hybrid Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition Techniques

Getting the GISt of Costs
Over the past five years, geographic information systems (GIS) have become powerful graphical database tools, useful to everyone from city planners to departments of transportation, from...

Pounding the Pavement
As state transportation departments continuously maintain and repair worn roadway surfaces, research engineers in nearly every state are racing to find ways to increase pavement life....

Use of a National Loss Estimation Methodology for Risk Management

Gain-Scheduled Adaptive Control of a Hybrid Structure





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