An Intermodal Transportation Planning Decision Suppport & Visualization System

Two-Dimensional Coastal Modeling for Bridge Scour

Using Readily Available Technologies and Laboratory Experiences to Enhance Course Content

Criteria Determination Using a Probabilistic Approach

Alternative Methods in Stormwater Management

Problems Applying MODFLOW-Style Models to Three-Dimensional Flow

Diffraction and Refraction of Multi-Directional Waves

Transformation of Double Peak Spectral Waves

Numerical Wave Model Evaluations Using Laboratory Data

Numerical Wave Propagation on a Curvi-linear Grid

Parameterisation of Numerical Wave Transformations to Derive Joint Coastal Extremes

Deterministic Analysis of 3D Waves Near Structures

An Extremal Analysis System and its Application to the Estimation of Extremes of Meteorological and Oceanographic Elements Around the Coasts of Japan

Numerical and Physical Tests on Wave Group Characteristics

Harbour Resonance and Wave Disturbance Studies in Baleeira Harbour by Using the DREAMS Numerical Model

Use of Criteria-Based Rankings in Risk-Based Analysis of Ecosystem Restoration Projects

Time-Dependent Reliability and Hazard Function Development for Navigation Structures in the Ohio River Mainstream System Study

A Museum for the Heavens
Replacing a icon such as the Hayden Planetarium's thin-shelled concrete dome is not the most desirable assignment. But the design team for the new Frederick Phineas and Sandra...

An Approach for Water Quality Management Using Simulations with Spatially Distributed Data

Analysis and Application of Eulerian Finite Element Methods for the Transport Equation





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